Nelson Table

Vern Nelson, "The Hungry Gardener", professional photographer, illustrator, and garden columnist, has been educating Oregonians for almost 25 years. His classroom is his garden. We are privileged to step into the center of his world this June as a part of the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers, 2013 Ninth Annual Designers Garden Tour. The first stop on our tour of seven West Portland Gardens, (where we will experience the minds and hearts of Northwest designers) is the garden of Mary Sherman and Vern Nelson.

Nelson Oven

Their garden is an intensively planted kitchen garden with a keen focus on low maintenance edible plants. Raised vegetable beds and espalier fruit trees provide structure for the garden, while open spaces and a new covered patio allow room for people to visit and learn about new and old ways to grow their own food. A wood fired bread oven is often the center of neighborhood gatherings and impromptu baking classes. Vern and Mary will be on hand to talk about edible gardening and share the joy they have had creating this garden together.

Nelson Beds

Jeanette Mullane and Chris Schwartz are the featured artists in the Nelson-Sherman Garden. Read their statements below.

Jeanette Mullane

Mullane ART WORK

The ever-changing natural world is most often my prime inspiration

when I sit down to paint. The lost edges of a sea cliff on a foggy day, a
shaft of sunlight touching a field of poppies, the alert gleam in a songbird's
eye—these moments of beauty are what I want to share with my
watercolors. I find it unnecessary to idealize nature—I prefer to paint
a "portrait" of an individual bird or flower with its own unique
characteristics at a given moment rather than an idealized representative
of a species. For me, the torn leaf, the fading petal, the irregular
patterns of nature, all contribute complexity and interest to a scene.

I received my early training at the American Academy of Art in
Chicago, where a solid grounding in the basics—color, values, composition
and drawing—was emphasized, and it was my good fortune to study
watercolor with the late Irving Shapiro, one of the best.


Chris Schwartz

C Schwartz 1

Junco Pottery was named after the junco birds that are frequent visitors in our garden during the winter months. My studio overlooks the garden and I derive much inspiration from observing the plants and wildlife within it throughout the seasons.

The work I create is built to be used every day for growing, preparing and eating food. My pieces are designed to function as supporting players in the garden and to present the bounty of the garden in a whimsical and artful way. My pottery is integrally connected to the garden and kitchen. The mason bees that pollinate our fruit trees live in the mason bee houses and visit our bug baths. The fruits they pollinate are cooked and served on my tableware. The fruit remnants live in a stylish compost crock before returning to the garden as compost.

My work is made with high fire stoneware, porcelain clay, and low fire raku clay. The glazes and surface textures I use are inspired by natural materials and everyday objects. I like to create my glazes from scratch and enjoy experimenting with different textures, glaze combinations and clays to create novel surfaces for my work.


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2014 Designers

Barbara Hilty, APLD
Barbara Hilty Landscape Design LLC

Adriana Berry, APLD
Plant Passion Design LLC

Marina Wynton
Olivine Land, LLC

Laura Crockett
Garden Diva

Bruce Hegna
Nurture/Nature Landscape Design LLC

Donna Giguere, APLD
Donna Giguere Landscape Design

Darcy Daniels
Bloomtown Gardens

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2016 Designers

Helena Wagner
4 Seasons Gardens, LLC

Lucy Hardiman and
Susan LaTourette
Perennial Partners

Linda Hannan
Hannan Garden Design

Bruce Hegna
Landscape Design

Lora Price
Design with Nature

Amy Whitworth
Plan-it-Earth Design

Annie Bamberger
Annie Bam Landscape Solutions

Alyse Lansing
Alyse Lansing Garden Design

Barbara Hilty, APLD
Barbara Hilty Landscape Design

2014 Artists

David Best
Best Services

Mike Suri
Suri Iron

Linda Ernst
Dancing Ladies Garden

Dorothy Steel
Dorothy Steele Pottery

Patrick Gracewood
Gracewood Studio

Zoe Bacon


2013 Designers

ANLD Designers Showcasing Their Work on the 2013 Tour

 Vern Nelson
The Hungry Gardener

Laura Crockett
Garden Diva Designs, LLC

Lori Scott
Lori Scott Landscape Design

John Gawlista & Izzy Baptista
Lapis Lazuli Tile & Garden Design and
Professional Grounds Management (PGM)
503-690-0652 | 503-206-5900

Debbie Brooks
Creative Garden Spaces

Adriana Berry
Plant Passion Design, LLC

Alyse Lansing
Joy Creek Nursery

2013 Artists

Each artist will be using one garden as their temporary gallery, showcasing how art and the landscape mutually enhance one another. Artists will be on hand to answer questions.

Ryan Beard
Victoria Shaw
Jennifer Ellsworth
Ben Dye
Gina Nash
Ivan Mclean
Jeannette Mullane
Chris Schwartz