Patrick Gracewood

Gracewood B 

I love creating sculpture.
For more than twenty years, I restored architectural ornament on historic terra cotta and stone buildings, and designed and created sculpture for new construction.This work has influenced my own fine art in both philosophy and technique.

Classical architectural ornament is drawn from nature. Sculptures of acanthus, oak, laurel, fruit-and-flower garlands, are a 2,000 year old tradition honoring the relationship between civilization and nature. Human beings crave the comfort of civilization and the vitality of nature. The juxtaposition of architectural sculpture inspired by nature is deeply-rooted in our cultural DNA. It's called Biophillia. My art is a continuation of this classical tradition as it explore relationships between the living world and the built environment.

In a modern world of increasingly virtual experiences, I continue this tradition of nature-inspired art and architecture. I believe that art about our long-standing relationship with the living Earth is healing and is art that will speak to future generations.

 Gracewwod C