2016 Garden Tour

The Mauch garden is a little sleeper of a garden situated under a 'Heritage Elm'. The 1912 home, set on a typical 50' x 100' lot in NE Portland, is not a typical yard of lawn and a few shrubs. It is a garden of modest means, yet careful design.

Visitors seem to visibly relax when entering the natural, unpretentious NE Portland back yard of Linda Bebernes and Kate Gawf. The space, designed by Alyse Lansing in 2010, is now a peaceful refuge.

Kristin Ohlson's garden takes sustainability to the next level: supporting life above and below the ground. At the front of this corner lot, two old Camellias and a tree-like Rhododendron form the centerpiece of a woodland garden along the sidewalk.

The yard of this 1954 ranch home has been transformed from un-inspired and overgrown into a satisfying mix of native, xeriscape and verdant plantings. The homeowner has personalized the design with intriguing sculptural elements and meaningful mementoes.

Welcome to the garden of Linda Hannan, garden designer and obsessive plant collector, who has been gardening this small patch of real estate for three decades.

When Kathy Langeliers purchased her new abode, a 1924 Sears catalog house, in the Woodstock neighborhood, the yard was the proverbial blank slate.

The Wagners' glorious garden is the result of their artful collaboration that combines Helena's design sense and love of gardening with Dan's woodworking skills producing a serene and stunning personal retreat.