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2017 Designers' Garden Tour

Andora Gardens - Designer Ann Nickerson

Since 2013, Ann Nickerson has been creating a garden of mystery and delight. It’s a sojourn over land, space, and time from the USA to England and then onto the Mediterranean world, culminating in Italy. The viewer is drawn from one outdoor room to the next by varying garden styles. On this adventure they will delight in a Brighton Beach patio; an intimate English garden; and a short walk through “the continent”, to a place of rest and repose in an Italian Garden. Ann calls this journey Andora Gardens. She invites you to come and partake.

Terri's Garden - Designer Amy Whitworth & Lora Price

Terri’s Garden fits her neighborhood and 1967 home, where gracious lawn spaces reign. From the kitchen window, birds can be seen in a Cornelian Cherry. The backyard is a study in hydrology. Irrigation from uphill joins with lawn drains while a pulsing pump pushes water up to the street. Wetland plantings are established, with thirsty trees reducing incoming water and a perennial border entertaining pollinators. A shimmering bubbler is visible from the back door with nearby seating in the shade. Terri can now age in place with simplified circulation for easy access throughout the garden and lower maintenance.

Schmitt Garden - Designer Marcia Westcott Peck

Al and Cathie Schmitt’s garden renaissance began with common problems: poor drainage, a large cedar that needed to go and a rotten deck whose time had come as well. Five years later, their back garden includes a large patio, a water feature and garden art, including a dazzling privacy screen with copper leaves blowing gently in the wind. And their front garden is new as well, with the entire front lawn removed and replaced with ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents as well as a water feature with sitting area and a one-of-a-kind stone wall installed by the homeowners. Designed by Marcia Westcott Peck.

Peck Garden - Designer Marcia Westcott Peck

When Marcia Westcott Peck and Dennis Peck had their house built 25 years ago, the quarter-acre lot was a blank slate. They removed blackberries, poison oak and construction debris and slowly replaced it with patios, a firepit, water features, paths, a veggie garden, a wide variety of plants, creative uses of metal and art and too many stone mosaics to count. The garden, both in front and in the back, continues to evolve and many of the projects they have undertaken in the last five years have been featured in their Homes & Gardens column in The Oregonian/OregonLive

Myers Garden - Designer David West

A newly constructed home on a small lot was transformed into a peaceful Asian-inspired garden retreat. Custom forged steel artwork built by David West in the form of vertical screens help to detract from the prominent garage wall and the neighbors’ sport court. Lush plantings weave around the natural bluestone patio in overlapping fashion to give a full and interesting feel to the garden. Bamboo plantings screen numerous areas from the adjacent properties. A 3800 lb. granite Buddha creates a focal point in the meditation garden, while custom steel planter vessels and large glazed pots are attractive accents to the deck.

Mill Pond Garden - Designer David West

A garden that truly has it all, including a large timber-framed outdoor room featuring a custom Rumford fireplace and grilling center, a floating natural bluestone patio leading to the back door, a 1000 sq. ft. deck, and multiple flow patterns and areas of interest for a very active family. The 110’ vertical rise from front yard to top of the backyard required 380 tons of rockwork and massive stone slab steps. Custom planter vessels, garden boxes, and fire pit were built from 588 A/B steel plates. A 43 night light system allows for quality evening family time in multiple areas of the backyard.

Gardner's Repose - Designers Lucy Hardiman & Susan LaTourette

California transplants and avid gardeners, Penny Letson and Bruce Gardner knew when they purchased their property that there were embarking on a multiphase project. Converting their steep back garden into a space for plants, people, and pets was the first step. Graceful gravel walkways, boulder retention, stone stairs, small lawns, curvilinear terraces and a dry creek bed traverse the space inviting exploration. Layered plantings of conifers, deciduous trees, textural grasses, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers are woven into colorful tapestries providing rhythm and year-round interest. The recently completed front garden showcases their collections of dryland plants, alpines and a shade garden.

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