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Jackie King Garden - Designer Bruce Hegna

The yard of this 1954 ranch home has been transformed from un-inspired and overgrown into a satisfying mix of native, xeriscape and verdant plantings. The homeowner has personalized the design with intriguing sculptural elements and meaningful mementoes.

The maple tree was saved for its shade-giving benefits and under planted with tough groundcovers; a rain chain delivers excess water to a faux streambed. Near the sidewalk and street, the remaining turf was replaced with xeric plantings to minimize maintenance and provide interesting texture and color for the passersby. The clematis clambers up a blue recycled metal security door salvaged during remodeling.  The built-in entry planter allows the homeowner to experiment with seasonal color and treasures found at local nurseries, while a balancing rock sculpture arises from a Stipa gigantea.

Venturing down the garage sidewalk, notice a duo of containers with distinctive plants chosen by the homeowner. Perennials, berries and vegetables mingle in beds created with re-purposed pavers and rebar.

A custom metal gate, trellis and fencing by Jill Torberson provides a home for an evergreen jasmine welcoming you to the back garden where  an upright Koelreuteria serves as a visual exclamation point.

Once overwhelmed by out-of-scale cedars, unattractive camellias and a weedy lawn, the back yard is now filled with diverse and lush plantings. Screening from the neighbors is provided by fastigiate Blue Atlas Cedar, Arbutus and Eleagnus. A Stewartia and Japanese maples offer another visual layer.

A new deck was built over an unsightly concrete patio. The bamboo grove inspired the colorful Asian-influenced structure, stream-bed and stone pathway just beyond.  The custom-built tea house provides a cozy place to linger over a book, view the garden and admire the many treasures collected from worldwide travels. The large stone step and stream-bed stepping-stones were hand-selected and placed with great care by the landscape contractor.

The neighbor’s chain-link fence is hidden behind pre-made bamboo screening. The other two disparate fencing sections were stained black making them  seem to ‘disappear’ while visually tying them to the exterior color of the house.

A small area of lawn was kept for the owner’s dog to enjoy; it was recently over-seeded with a custom blend and may be transformed into planting beds in the future.

Chartreuse foliage plays off the burgundy-purple colors of the Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’, Loropetalum, Heuchera and Cotinus, with dashes of other colors being provided by heather, lilies, Liatris and Digiplexis.

The homeowner keeps unique plants in containers on the deck for up-close enjoyment. One-of-a-kind metal pieces, including a birdbath, an orb, and a sheep have been placed among the plantings.

The path along the east side of the house leading through the blue trellis back to the street, consists of stepping-stones given to the homeowner by a friendly neighbor.

The landscape contractor providing the plant, irrigation and  hardscape installation for this garden was J. Walter Landscape & Irrigation, Jaylene Walter, owner.

Photographer: Doreen Wynja

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