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Designer Rebecca Smith - The Hainsey Garden

In early 2017, Bob and Anna Hainsey reached out to Blessing Landscapes for help with reimagining their tired yard. They wanted to turn their weedy lawn and old rose bushes into a space they could comfortably garden and grow edibles. The inspiration for two large raised garden beds came after talking with the couple and realizing that they wanted something different to a traditional 4’ x 8’ planter—they were thinking edibles on a BIG scale!  Blessing Landscapes stepped up to the challenge and designed two curved raised planters, accessible from every side, creating large plantable areas that aesthetically flank the sidewalk, and create an extra wide paver pathway leading to the front door. 

The original entrance to the home was a small uninviting concrete slab with stairs off of the driveway. Part of Bob and Anna’s design criteria was to have a larger space where they could sit and enjoy their front garden and interact with their neighbors. Changing the orientation of the front entry opened it up to the garden and created easier access both from the driveway and the sidewalk, as well as a spot for a small bistro table and chairs. Pathways through the rest of front yard were kept narrow at just 2’ wide so that there would be more planting bed space for a carpet of strawberries, thyme and oregano to flourish.  Espalier fruit trees replaced the roses and helped define the edge of the property.  

Established camellias along the side and back of the house were one of the few plants  retained, creating a sense of privacy and a  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to the garden. Interspersed between the camellias, a mix of shrubs (some edible) and small trees add interest and color throughout the year. 

In the backyard  a previous large patch of grass and a small cracked concrete patio was transformed into formal raised garden beds, opening into an elegant circular paver patio. An imported Italian mosaic table creates an inviting dining area nestled amongst the beds.  A beautiful fountain softly bubbles in the background and a rich carpet of grass creates a luxurious walkway around the garden. Tucked into the corner of the property is an adorable gardening shed and compost bin, both essentials for a garden with so much being grown from seed or starts through to harvest each year. 

A rain barrel at the corner of the garage  is tied into the gutter that flows into a small dry creek bed. Flagstone stepping stones create a path to the raspberry patch against the garage.  More edibles are tucked wherever possible into the perimeter garden bed and include fig, elderberries, currants, blueberries, chokeberries, honey berries, cherry and lingonberry. The abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs that are produced is a testament to the skill, passion, dedication and love the Hainsey’s have for edible gardening. The garden is a true reflection of what they value--time spent outdoors, growing nourishing food and sharing that abundance with family, friends and neighbors. 

Rebecca Smith - Blessing Landscapes

Rebecca Smith has been a designer for over six years with Blessing Landscapes, a high-end design, build and maintenance company.  She loves the entire process that goes into creating a garden.

From the initial design consultation, creating a design and proposal that works with the client’s budget, to the construction and final walkthrough.

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