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The Nelson-Sherman Garden – Designer Vern Nelson

Vern Nelson, “The Hungry Gardener”, professional photographer, illustrator, and garden columnist, has been educating Oregonians for almost 25 years. His classroom is his garden. We are privileged to step into the center of his world this June as a part of the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers, 2013 Ninth Annual Designers Garden Tour. The first stop on our tour of seven West Portland Gardens, (where we will experience the minds and hearts of Northwest designers) is the garden of Mary Sherman and Vern Nelson.

Their garden is an intensively planted kitchen garden with a keen focus on low maintenance edible plants. Raised vegetable beds and espalier fruit trees provide structure for the garden, while open spaces and a new covered patio allow room for people to visit and learn about new and old ways to grow their own food. A wood fired bread oven is often the center of neighborhood gatherings and impromptu baking classes. Vern and Mary will be on hand to talk about edible gardening and share the joy they have had creating this garden together.

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