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The Huggett Garden - Designer Lori Scott

After taking on an extensive and respectful remodel of their “new” 1940s home in Eastmoreland, the Huggett’s were raring to take on the garden. Gail is an experienced and passionate gardener/artist; Tom is a retired engineer who likes to build stuff. Their inherited landscape was tired; the front was dominated by 14 torpedo-shaped Leyland cypresses, a sharply-cut skinny diagonal front path, and way more lawn than needed.

In the back was a ragged, but useful back hedge with some holes. Because the house is set back from the busy street, the backyard is shallow, made more so by the elegant new sunroom. Its floor-to-ceiling glass walls make the entire garden visible from the inside, so everything is on display.

Gail and Tom found their designer Lori Scott at the 2015 ANLD Designers’ Garden Tour. Her garden that year embodied the naturalistic and modern style they were looking for. Also requested were raised vegetable beds in a sunny spot for year-round production; much less lawn; to be surrounded by nature, but also open space; privacy from neighbors; a hot tub; a water feature that turns on and off, and landings outside the sunroom doors. Most importantly, they had a specific plant list about a mile long! (Confederate Jasmine and Drift Roses, Crepe Myrtle and Akebono Cherry, to start.) After living all over the country, they were determined to make the most of their new home in Gardening Paradise.

Lori started designing the front yard by creating a new wide front entry path with a mid-century, slab-like feel, but smooth and easy to walk, thanks to the double-cut lines. As the lawn was reduced, the planting areas widened, and a sinuous curve defined the lawn edge.

Autumn Leaf Landscaping installed most of the design in 2016. (Pavers, concrete, grading and soil work, curved pergola, fence posts, major trees, irrigation and lighting.) Tom completed woodwork and Gail joined him in planting most of the perennials, shrubs and groundcovers. They continue to add special plants, baby everything along and replace plants when needed. Gail has fast-tracked her knowledge of native and local flora by becoming an OSU Master Gardener and volunteering at Crystal Springs Rhododendron garden. Under their expert care, the garden has settled in and is flourishing.

Lori Scott

Lori has been helping people reimagine their outdoor spaces for 20 years. After listening carefully to her clients’ desires, she creates beautiful designs using her knowledge of compelling and functional space.

She creates drawings that help people “see” what is possible.

Her years of experience overseeing installations helps the process go smoothly.

Photographer: Doreen Wynja

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