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Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities 

President: The President shall set the agenda and preside over all meetings, communicate regularly with committee chairs, and provide leadership for the organization as directed by the Executive Committee.  The President shall appoint the Nominating Committee, consisting of three members by August 30.

Vice Presidents: The Program Chairs shall plan and coordinate programs for meetings, field trips, introduce speakers, provide or arrange for equipment the speaker may require, arrange a meeting place, send thank-you notes, and advise the Treasurer if remuneration is to be given to the speaker. The 1st Vice President also will stand in for the President at meetings when the President is unavailable.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be custodian of all the records and documents of the Association, keep a complete record, including attendance, of all the meetings of the membership and Board, handle all correspondence for the Association and publish the annual membership roster by March 31.  The Secretary shall be the alternate signer of checks issued by the Association.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be empowered to make expenditures as prescribed by the Executive Committee and shall submit an annual financial report to the Board and the membership.  The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget, provide an independent audit as required in the By-laws, collect dues and handle all funds of the Association, including disbursements of funds for the Scholarship Program, and file required annual forms with the IRS.

Past President: The Past President shall be responsible for the management of the Association’s Scholarship Program

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